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Mexican Talavera Bathroom Sinks!
Handpainted Ceramic Talavera Pottery Soap Dishes & Dispensers
60208-1.jpg Seville Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60208
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60228-1.jpg Terra Cotta Granada Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60228
View Details
60229-1.jpg Lotion/Soap Dispenser N. 229
Item: 60229
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60205-1.jpg Hummingbird Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60205
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60207-1.jpg Cancun Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60207
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60204-1.jpg San Miguel Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60204
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60206-1.jpg Acapulco Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60206
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60214-1.jpg Turquoise Peacock Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60214
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60224-1.jpg Corsica Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60224
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60227-1.jpg Lotion/Soap Dispenser N. 227
Item: 60227
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60202-1.jpg Puebla Lotion/Soap Dispenser
Item: 60202
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60300-1.jpg Seville Soap Dish
Item: 60300
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60317-1.jpg Terra Cotta Granada Soap Dish
Item: 60317
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60302-1.jpg Hummingbird Soap Dish
Item: 60302
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60305-1.jpg Cancun Soap Dish
Item: 60305
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60306-1.jpg Guadalajara Soap Dish
Item: 60306
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60334-1.jpg Evisa Soap Dish
Item: 60334
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60316-1.jpg Morelia Soap Dish
Item: 60316
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60312-1.jpg Puebla Soap Dish
Item: 60312
View Details
60311-1.jpg Puebla 2 Soap Dish
Item: 60311
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60309-1.jpg Green Peacock Soap Dish
Item: 60309
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60340-1.jpg Tepic Soap Dish
Item: 60340
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Turquoise - Mexican Talavera Pottery Soap Dish - ON SALE - Turquoise Peacock Soap Dish
Item: 60310
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Visage 3 - Mexican Talavera Pottery Soap Dish - ON SALE - Visage 3 Soap Dish
Item: 60327
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