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Mexican Talavera Bathroom Sinks!

Exterior Fence Wall with Broken Mosaic Mexican Talavera Tiles

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Today's fascination with mosaics is increasing in demand. People are bringing mosaics in different areas of their homes, in places such as kitchens, bathrooms and gardens.  Mexican mosaic shard broken tiles are ideal for forming an expressive and captivating design.

The great attraction of mosaics is in their freedom from order, compared to regular geometric tiles. Mosaics gives the artist the ability to spread all over a surface in different designs, shapes, forms, and colors. The idea with mosaics is that the rules for tiling can be broken, as the mosaics are broken to be made. Part of the appeal for mosaics is that they are inextricably tied up with centuries of art and history. Ancient Mosaics of ceramic and stone date back to the Roman and Byzantium empires.

The facade of this exterior wall is adorned with Mexican broken tile.  The artist creatively arranged the broken tiles by color to form a tree branching out throughout the wall.

The following Mexican Talavera tiles were used on this resplendent Mosaic:

4x4 Mexican white Talavera Mexican Tile
4x4 Bright Red Talavera Mexican Tile
4x4 Green Talavera Mexican Tile
4x4 Special Green Talavera Mexican Tile

In Stock. Ships from San Diego, CA within 2 business days.

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