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We carry more than just tiles! We also have handpainted Mexican ceramic sinks that complement our existing line of Talavera Mexican tile. We welcome you to experience our large selection of Mexican ceramic hand painted sinks, we have all the following designs and styles to select from: self-rimming or oval drop-in sink, round drop-in sink, rectangular drop-in sink, console or pedestal sink, rectangular vessel sink, round vessel sink, conical vessel sink, and recessed vessel sink. We invite you to browse through our web site and experience for yourself our large selection of handcrafted and handpainted Mexican Talavera sinks. We are committed to quality and service.


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Our bathroom sinks are durable, unique, and practical. But if you're not satisfied, will refund your money within 30 days. If customer returns any items from an order that received FREE GROUND SHIPPING, the original shipping savings associated with the returned item(s) will be deducted from the refund amount. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this free shipping offer at any time. is a unique company that specializes in hand painted bathroom Mexican Talavera ceramic sinks and handcrafted Mexican Talavera ceramic tile. Our dedicated focus allows us to offer you an extensive and unparalleled selection of bathroom sinks and ceramic tile. By specializing in hand painted bathroom sinks and vessels, and in handcrafted tile we not only offer the best quality product but the best service. We keep most items in stock, which means that all orders placed at ship within 2 business days.

A Mexican Bathroom sink, commonly referred to as a lavatory sink, is a bowl-shaped fixture that is used for washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving, and similar bathroom activities. Aside from standard function, the form of today's bathroom Mexican sinks can help you to define the bathroom design space as contemporary, traditional, or transitional. Your individual design tastes are highlighted through selection of the appropriate Mexican bathroom sink. If you scrub and polish-or use acid-based or abrasive products on them, it will damage the patina finish.


About Mexican Talavera Sinks

Mexican Talavera sinks are made of ceramic fired clay. Fireclay sinks are similar to vitreous china in that they are susceptible to damage from heavy impact. Our sinks are very durable and with normal use they last a lifetime. Mexican Talavera sinks will not fade, rust, or discolor. A Mexican Talavera sink is easy to maintain and clean. Just rinse your sink with water after each use, give it a thorough cleaning with mild soap from time to time and it will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Do not scrub, or use any acid-based or abrasive products on them!


Ideas For Decorating with a Mexican Talavera Sink

Make your Mexican style bathroom vanity. Find an old dresser or buy a Mexican rustic hand forged wrought iron stand from our stand collection for the sink. Use a hand decorated Mexican talavera pottery sink and match it with with some of our Talavera Mexican tile patterns. Or buy a solid or swirling cobalt blue, sunflower yellow, aqua or rust sink. Use bright solid or patterned Mexican tile on you vanity top. Decorating your bathroom in Mexican style, will make your bathroom inviting, joyful and beautiful.


Installing a Mexican Bathroom Countertop Sink

  1. Since no template is provided with this sink, set the bowl upside down on the countertop and trace the outline, then draw a second line about 3/4 inch inside that line to serve as your cut line.
  2. Carefully drill a 3/8-inch starter hole inside the cut line. Using a saber saw, begin cutting along the line. After you have completed the cutting the hole, insert the sink into the hole in the countertop to test the fit. Make any adjustments if necessary.
  3. Place a bead of plumber's putty around the bottom edge of the drain-assembly housing's lip, then press the housing into the drain hole. Attach the gasket and washer, then tighten the locknut. Be careful not to apply to much pressure because the drain hole may break. Remove any excess plumber's putty. Attach the tailpiece to the housing with the slip nut and washer.
  4. If you haven't already done so, install the faucet. When the faucet is in place, turn the sink upside down and run a bead of silicone adhesive along the underside of the molded lip. Turn the sink over and carefully align it with the countertop's front edge. Press firmly around the lip to form a tight seal. After the adhesive has set, apply a bead of latex caulk around the edge, then smooth it with a wet finger.
  5. Set the sink in place, firmly pressing down all edges to assure a secure seal.
  6. These tips are meant as a helpful resource. is not responsible for any wrong installation, misuse, or damaged caused by the direct or indirect use of the content in this article. strongly suggests consulting a licensed contractor.

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