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Stairs with Blue Marguerite and Fly Mexican Talavera Tile

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The Mexican Hacienda o Casona is the most influential symbol of Spanish style architecture in Mexico. Generally Mexican Haciendas were self-sustaining working farms that cultivated local organic products, depending on the geographical location. For example, in the state of Jalisco some Haciendas cultivated agave for tequila production, in the south of Mexico, in states like Yucatan sugar cane was the cultivating produce.
Today some Haciendas are still in used as in the past. Some have been abandoned, others have been restored and fucntion as hotels or retreats for tourists. The fact is that architectural elements of the Mexican Hacienda is main-stream in many States such as California, Arizona, Texas and Florida to name few.
The stair case of this Mexican Hacienda in Mexico City is an example of classic  decor utilizing local stone and Talavera tiles with bird motifs. The thick stone walls plastered with white stucco enclose the corridor which leads onto another exterior courtyard with a fountain in the middle.

The following Mexican Talavera tiles were used on this stair risers:

4x4 Fly Talavera Mexican Tile
4x4 Blue Marguerite Talavera Mexican Tile

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