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Mexican Talavera Bathroom Sinks!
Decorative Mexican Handcrafted Ceramic Tile by Size - 2x4 Tiles
10810-001-1.jpg 2x4 Cobalt Blue Mexican Tile
Item: 10810
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10812-2x4.jpg 2x4 Rust Mexican Tile
Item: 10812
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2x4 Mexican White - Handcrafted Mexican Talavera Tile 2x4 Mexican White Mexican Tile
Item: 10800
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2x4 Brushed Turquoise Mexican Tile
Item: 10838
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2x4 Light Blue - Mexican Talavera Handpainted Tile 2x4 Light Blue Mexican Tile
Item: 10813
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10657-1.jpg Ola Azul Mexican Tile
Item: 10657
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10650-1.jpg Ola Terra Cotta Mexican Tile
Item: 10650
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10655-1.jpg Blue Shell Mexican Tile
Item: 10655
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10652-1.jpg TC Shell Mexican Tile
Item: 10652
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10653-1.jpg Murcielago Mexican Tile
Item: 10653
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10656-1.jpg Turquoise Murcielago Mexican Tile
Item: 10656
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10651-1.jpg Flor de Liz Mexican Tile
Item: 10651
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Sierra Azul 2x4 - Mexican Talavera Border Tile Sierra Azul Mexican Tile
Item: 10658
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10900-131-1.jpg 2x4 Guadalajara Surface Bullnose
Item: 10900-131
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10900-657-1.jpg 2x4 Ola Azul Surface Bullnose
Item: 10900-657
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10900-653-1.jpg 2x4 Murcielago Surface Bullnose
Item: 10900-653
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10900-1.jpg 2x4 Surface Bullnose
Item: 10900
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10821-2x4.jpg 2x4 Tangerine Yellow Mexican Tile
Item: 10821
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Prop 65 Warning: Some products sold at have chemicals (lead) known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Glazed ceramics are commonly made using this chemical. Lead is a component found in glazes used for bonding in some ceramic products.